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       Total quality: common requirements

      Total quality is the thinking policy of Fengdi. Total quality at all times is applicable to all levels of person of Valeo. The Group attaches great importance to factors that affect quality, encouraging employees to work together to find and correct errors.

      5 Axes Methodology
      Fengdi use 5 axes methodology which is the cornerstone of Fengdi 's corporate culture. The goal of implementing the 5 axes methodology is to ensure that the quality of the product is delivered to meet the needs of the global customer through excellent management, cost control, quality assurance. This management approach to the "one step" principle, continue to improve, has been used around the world's.
      ■ Full participation
      ■ Production system
      ■ Continuous technological innovation
      ■ Integration with suppliers
      ■ Total quality

      With the rapid response quality control (QRQC management model) model adopted, our 5 axes methodology has been strengthened. Once a problem occurs, we will immediately hold a meeting at the site to determine the cause of the incident. Corrective actions then will be defined immediately and will be carried out within 24h.QRQC management model has been applied to all the functions and business areas.
      San Gen Shugi is expressed in Japanese as three aspects:
      Genba means "site"
      Specifically: go to the workshop to know the real situation, this is more effective than just read a report.
      Genbutsu means "physical"
      Specifically: check physical parts or real services (regardless of quality), according to the facts to carry out analytical activities.
      Genjitsu means "reality" (the facts of real measurable data)
      Specifically: To better understand the realities in this area by data
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